Breeding Stock
Here at Ruxville farm we raise champion fine-wooled white and natural colored sheep.  Our bloodlines are largely merino, as well as other fine-wooled breeds including CVM, rambouillet and debouillet.  Merino sheep genetics include the potential for colored fleeces such as moorit; however, a colored lamb cannot be registered as a merino, nor can its offspring.  Thus, our sheep descend largely from merinos but are not always registered/registerable as merinos because of their gorgeous colors!  We are happy to report that all of our colored stock is registered with the Natural Colored Wool Growers Association.  (    Within our breeding stock, we select for fleece quality, lambing ease, mothering ability, and health.   Lambing begins in January and we generally keep the breeding ewe flock at around 20.  Sales and/or leasing of breeding stock can be arranged by phone, and we can deliver to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  Come visit if you can here at Ruxville!

See our Fibers page to learn about the high quality fleeces you can expect from our sheep.
The sheep we cull are not too cute to eat!!!