Finished Arts and New Orders
Because each piece made by Kim is one of a kind, most of what you will see on this website is wearable art that has already found its new home.  But all is not lost!  There are always several finished pieces on hand, some of which are featured immediately below.  Any piece of wearable art can be made for you, so keep a sharp eye for fiber or fabric, pattern, style, color, shape, applique -- it can all be customized for you.  Please feel free to call and discuss your request with Kim!  If you have a webcam, we can easily SHOW YOU what we have on hand with a Skype session.  It's free!
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Mittens and Gloves
Wraps, Scarves, Sweaters, and Ponchos
Jackets, Shackets, Sweaters and Other Lovelies FOR SALE
Two Tassel Hat
Blanket stitched applique hat
Plaid bucket hat with ruffle edge
Cloche with fringed edge
Ski Hat with PomPom Trim
Two Tassel Whimsy Hat
The Chicken Hat!
The Flying Sheep Hat!  These wools are the natural, undyed colors of the sheep from Ruxville Farm!  Very unique.
Wearable Art Fabrics to Inspire You
Interestingly, Hats 1 and 5 in this gallery are the same hat!   The very young girl in photo 5 with the blue hat, purplish tassels, has tied them up on top as well.  This '' Shake your tassels hat" is really 2 hats in one!  And be sure not to miss photo 7:  How have you lived all this time without your own chicken hat???  And of course, scarves to match can be made.
Get ready to be completely astonished by the fabrics photo gallery below:  Wool, rayon, cotton, chenille in every color of the rainbow -- the possibilities are truly infinite.  This month's featured fabric is a woven wool, based on a weaver's challenge version of Johann Kirschbaum's 3-block design from the 1700s! At left is the original pattern interpreted in blue and white cotton.  On the right is Kim's exquisite, more subtle interpretation in fine purple wool with contrast details, using a 3 block turned twill threading on her 12 harness loom. She added some additional rings surrounding the table element of each block, and when combined with the gorgeous ombre effect of her eye for her incredible textile design, a one-of-a-kind breathtaking look emerges.  This exquisite fabric has been made into wearable art already and is now for sale:  A lovely hip length jacket, and a full length duster sweater, and are detailed above.  They won't last long!
How good are our mittens?  Check this out:

I found your address through your website (looks  
good by the way) and wanted to inquire about getting a new set of  mittens for Sarah.  She bought a hat and Mitten set around 5 years  ago.  Unfortunately she has been unable to find her mittens and is  very sad as in her words "They are the worlds best mittens".  I was  wondering what you currently have in stock and the current cost of a  new set.  If you could let me know that would be great.  Her old set  was a mix of peach, pink, orange. purple and yellow.  The Hat had four  creases in the top and had a small felt ball on top ....I've worn these mittens in the foothills of the Himalayas, skiing in the Swiss Alps and in the highlands of Scotland.  In every instance, my hands were warm and dry long after the others' high tech gloves let them down.  They continue to amaze me at how they naturally repel water and stay warm no matter how much snow I tumble in.

Here is a picture of Sarah in her hat. It sounds like the red/purple  
tie-dye ones might work.  I will also find the picture of her with her  
gear in the foothills of the Himalayas and send it to you for the  
website if you want.The mittens were all woven with fold-up cuffs.  That was definitely the best for me because I could either fold them and wear them with an autumn jacket or unfold them and cinch them under the wristbands of my ski coat.  I don't have petite hands, but they aren't huge either.  I'd say average woman size hands.  Another bit for the testimonial - I've owned my hat and mittens for 5 years worn daily through 3 English winters and they didn't show an ounce of wear.  They looked good as new and shunned dirt.

Cory & Sarah

The gallery that follows features some of the lovely heirloom quality garments we have made in the past, and which have already found their homes!  Enjoy the unique woven patterns, the professional construction, the color story, and the hand finishing that goes into each piece we make.  Truly, this is wearable art; a unique way to present yourself well, express yourself individually, and invest in something that will last and last and last.  Oh yes-- and you'll be warm.  :)
We also make blankets and throws, catnip mice, felted wool nativities, kitchen towels, christmas ornaments, and baby blankets in expected OR unexpected color palettes.
These jackets are made entirely of our own so soft wool. The brown and white is all natural color--no dye! The blue is hand dyed.Each is  one of a kind $400

Natural colored, 100% wool from our own flock, completely reversible, including buttons for each side.

Warm, hand-finished, and exquisitely beautiful.  $42 each.