On Ruxville Farm, a 150 year old Moseley, Virginia homestead, Kim Harrison and family raise champion moorit and merino sheep, shear them to harvest the fleeces, and create top quality handwovens in the undyed natural colors of the sheep.  The creation of beautiful hand-crafted clothing made from the very sheep she raises is completely unique.  Hand-made goods created from silk, cotton, rayon, and other natural fibers are also available, and each is truly one of a kind.

Kim is an award winning fiber artist, painstakingly creating one-of-a-kind hand made wearable art such as jackets, wraps, baby blankets, hats, and mittens in amazing patterns and combinations.  These are professionally constructed works of art created by Kim and Kim alone -- no subcontractors or cottage industry knitters -- and the quality and longevity speak for themselves.  Weavers can be said to be largely structuralists, focusing on the architecture of the work, or colorists, concerned chiefly with the unique coloration and pattern of the creation.  Kim is primarily a colorist, and her unique and skillful touch has been recognized with awards such as Bay School Wearable Art School, Best in Show Fiber Division in 2005 and Premier Prize 2006.  She has also received numerous ribbons at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in skein and garment competitions.  Her eye for structure as well as color can be seen in the fabric she produces, with unique plaids, stripes, and time-tested weave structures such as houndstooth and pinwheel.  You can also purchase fleeces for your own fiber needs, purchase top quality moorit and merino breeding stock for your own farm, and occasionally even custom lamb for your freezer.

If there is a fiber show within a day's drive, there's a good chance Kim will be there!  Visit our Calendar page to see when we will be exhibiting near you, or just go directly to our photos of finished goods and see what lovely item you just can't live without .  Thanks to technology, we can fire up a Skype session, and Kim can SHOW you on  the web camera what finished garments are on hand.  If you don't have a web camera, just call, and Kim can tell you what fibers and fabric combinations are coming up, and you can create a work of art together.

The Farm
The Art
Congratulations to Kim on a first place award at The Bay School of the Arts Fiber Show!